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Motorization That Brings Shade to Your Life

Our shutter company is your source for a wide variety of motorized window shades, blinds, and shutters in Houston. Since we’re strictly a custom window treatment company, we can offer you a variety of very durable window shades and other products that are the perfect solution for skylights, high windows, and hard to reach areas.

Most people love the idea of using a remote control to operate their motorized window shades while they’re home or away. With today’s motorization systems, you can open and close them from anywhere!

All of our motorized window treatments are very well made by the window manufacturers we work with. We’d be happy to go over all the options we offer in motorized window shades, blinds, and shutters for your Houston home. Let’s schedule your free in-home design consultation today!

Easy Lift Systems for Window Shades & Blinds

With an easy lift system, your motorized window shade or blinds just take one touch to open and close. All you do is touch the bottom of the window blind to lift them up. To close, just gently pull the bottom and the system does the work for you.

Top/Down Bottom/Up Systems for Shades & Blinds

Top/Down Bottom/Up window shades and blinds let you leave the bottom OR top of the shade open to let the light in. This is great if you like to spend time in a room where privacy is necessary but you love an open look. Just leave the top half open or the bottom!

Hidden Wands & Control Systems

Window treatments are known to be a possible danger for children and pets. The dangling cords have been replaced in many different styles of motorized window shades and blinds with hidden wands and control systems.

The mechanism operates by letting you gently pull down on the want to close the window shades. Then, you can push upward on the wand to open them.

Shutter Motorization

Our shutters are available with bi-fold and bypass track systems. This allows us to install them together in hinged panels to cover large openings and to fit bay or bow windows. The bypass tracks allow the shutters to slide past each other rather than being hinged together.

When you want a more streamline shutter look, we can install a front tile bar or rear tilt system. The front tilt and rear tilt offer you more flexible control over how you control your shutters and how easily they’ll respond.

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