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Window Tint for Your Houston Home

Our shutter company specializes in residential window tints and films. We offer professional installation of a wide variety of high-quality window tint products for Houston area homes and condos. Many of the films available are clear while others offer a tinted or reflective look for increased privacy.

As homeowners ourselves, we know you probably do everything it takes to save energy. With our quality products and expert installation, you’ll be able to save energy while keeping the view.

Contact our window treatment company for more information today. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you select the window tint or film during a free in-home consultation!

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  • High-Quality Window Tints & Films

Window Film

Whether it’s winter or summer in Houston, window films silently work to conserve energy in your home. Window film also helps to prevent shattering by bonding to the glass and holding it together if it breaks, which increases the safety of windows and sliding glass doors.

Sunlight fading can be a problem for carpeting, upholstery, and even wooden floors. Our solar films and window tints can prevent interior fading for years to come. Plus, we can offer a wide variety of decorative films which are the perfect solution to enhance the look of your shower doors or any glass area you choose.

Solar Film

Solar films on the market today can block up to 97% of the infrared light coming through your windows. Since the heat energy from the sun travels on the infrared light spectrum, installing solar film can provide significant energy savings and increase your indoor comfort level.

There are different solar film products to choose from, which are made to accomplish different goals. For instance, you may want to keep all the visible light possible while rejecting the heat with the solar film. We can help you accomplish your goals whether you need more privacy, glare reduction, or solar heat reduction!

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